Why the name?

Hello and thank you for visiting my very first entry of my blog. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and because today I am sitting at home on a snow day…  I figured now would be the best time. The reason I chose the name Praise From The Passenger Seat is this… Remember those bumper stickers you used to see around stating proudly GOD IS MY COPILOT? Well, as I actually took a quiet minute to think about it, I realized that would mean that I am in the driver’s seat and God would be in the passenger seat-What?!?! That is absolutely insane. I mean I am all about using google maps and finding hidden routes, shortcuts, etc to get where I am going, but if I am the pilot, there are surely going to be a lot of wrong turns, u-turns and dead ends along the way. God is not my copilot, God is my pilot. And I am, very gratefully, his passenger. Do you ever have those days where you are sitting in traffic, late to your next appointment, frantically choosing whether to get off the road that is backed up like a parking lot and take an alternate route or stay stuck and slug it out? You make that quick decision, turn onto an unknown road and feel your way, almost blindly, through the next several turns until you end up at an intersection that you recognize and find you are almost at your destination… Yes, you know that feeling, like when the rain stops, the clouds part and the sun shines, and the world sings with you “Hallelujah”!! Don’t think for a minute that if you woke that morning and prayed that God would guide you throughout the day, that you were the actual pilot on that unknown road. You were the passenger and God, as your pilot, showed you the way. What I am trying to do is remind myself of this fact in all aspects of my walk with Jesus. In the moments of joy, I will praise, in the moments of fear, I will cling, in the moments of weakness, I will trust, and in every moment of every day, I will thank. Knowing this and reminding myself of His perfect grace, I can tell myself that those wrong turns actually end up being the right ones. The u-turns have a lesson that I needed to learn and take back with me, and those dead ends lead me one street closer to where God wants me to be. I really will try in these moments to praise God, cling to God, trust in God and always, always, always thank God. Image

4 thoughts on “Why the name?

  1. Amanda, you’ve begun a new journey! I’m excited to read along…as you praise, cling, trust and thank Him for everything! Your name is beautiful – and so true – we should never be in the driver’s seat – only alongside our Father. Looking forward to reading what God is laying on your heart each week…I love you Sister.

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