The Jellybeans In My Basket

national-jelly-beans-day-600x420Friends are like the jellybeans in my Easter basket. If I just had one, my basket would look a little lonely. If I had too many, my basket would be a little hard to handle! If I had all one color of jellybeans, my basket would be a little boring. If I had all one flavor, my basket would lose it’s taste. It is so important to me to have all different colors and flavors of jellybeans in my basket of friends. It makes me a better person. It makes me a better friend. I can hear more stories. I can see different points of view. I can experience a world out there that is bigger than myself. And as a result, I can live a life enriched by the blessings of good friends in all shapes and colors and flavors and varieties. I am blessed to wake up this morning to an Easter basket full of the most delicious jellybeans. Red, yellow, blue, green , sour, sweet, spicy, long, short, fat, skinny, speckled, plain…Thank you friends for the zest you bring and for filling my “basket”! Jellybeans really are better in a bunch!

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