Wrong Turns, Right Places


Just wondering… Actually, not entirely sure what I am wondering…

But something close to…ARE WE GIVING OUR ALL? Walk with me to a place when we were young, a place where we were all grouped by “kids” and grouped by “adults”. Ha Ha-that was something. Our moms sent us out of doors with strict instructions to NOT come home until dinner. We were kids, we followed directions without asking questions. But we were together, we were the “kids”. It didn’t matter if you were Irish, Italian, Catholic, Black, White, Protestant. Not to forget the townies, hicks, bumpkins, motor heads, preppies … and by the way, back when I was a kid those were the minorities of the day. There were names for ALL of us. I could identify with SEVERAL of the groups that were looked down on. What the heck did I care? I identified with most all of them in some way. We made forts in the woods, we played SPUD (kickball), we stayed out until the the bats came diving, played truth or dare, we picked fights, we ran home from the bus stop because a bully was chasing us. BUT, we woke up each day and we didn’t check social media, we weren’t politically correct. I mean, we just WERE. We were kids of immigrants, we were all poor, we all had to work, barely any of us went to college and if we did, we went to the one down the street. And everyday, we gave our all… At play, at school, at life because really, there was nothing that was promised. We went to our little schools big–big attitudes, big shoulder pads, big hair. And eventually it was big brains, and not-so-big apartments and maybe big or small cities but they were all ours. Our people, our family, our jobs, our cities. We contributed and created. We have voted for 7 presidents, bought homes, started families. We gave our all. This letter is to my generation and any who read this and agree, we need to give our all for our families, for our friends close and remote, for our beautiful country… Our home. Politics and divisiveness have set us against each other. Please remember that we are all Americans, we all fear each other and revere each other. God bless our country, our home, our us. God bless us every last one.

Spring Forward, But Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Jump!

269096_4738597668303_503592779_nOn Saturday night, at midnight, it will be time to change the clocks for daylight savings time. Spring forward, move ahead, move along, keep on moving… We are moving forward so fast that we actually lose an hour before we even wake up. I decided that on Saturday, I am going to try and concentrate on that “extra” hour that I have on Saturday but I won’t have on Sunday. What is it you would do with your “extra” hour on Saturday?

take a nap

wake up early

read a book

go running

knit a gift for someone you love

go for a bike ride

dance your heart out

play a game with your kids

sing in the shower

pray for your family

lounge over a cup of coffee

visit a neighbor

linger over a glass of wine

grab a yoga class

call a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while

write a note to someone that you have been thinking of

The possibilites are endless–What a gift an hour can be!

Happy Saturday and happy springing into spring!