Wrong Turns, Right Places


Just wondering… Actually, not entirely sure what I am wondering…

But something close to…ARE WE GIVING OUR ALL? Walk with me to a place when we were young, a place where we were all grouped by “kids” and grouped by “adults”. Ha Ha-that was something. Our moms sent us out of doors with strict instructions to NOT come home until dinner. We were kids, we followed directions without asking questions. But we were together, we were the “kids”. It didn’t matter if you were Irish, Italian, Catholic, Black, White, Protestant. Not to forget the townies, hicks, bumpkins, motor heads, preppies … and by the way, back when I was a kid those were the minorities of the day. There were names for ALL of us. I could identify with SEVERAL of the groups that were looked down on. What the heck did I care? I identified with most all of them in some way. We made forts in the woods, we played SPUD (kickball), we stayed out until the the bats came diving, played truth or dare, we picked fights, we ran home from the bus stop because a bully was chasing us. BUT, we woke up each day and we didn’t check social media, we weren’t politically correct. I mean, we just WERE. We were kids of immigrants, we were all poor, we all had to work, barely any of us went to college and if we did, we went to the one down the street. And everyday, we gave our all… At play, at school, at life because really, there was nothing that was promised. We went to our little schools big–big attitudes, big shoulder pads, big hair. And eventually it was big brains, and not-so-big apartments and maybe big or small cities but they were all ours. Our people, our family, our jobs, our cities. We contributed and created. We have voted for 7 presidents, bought homes, started families. We gave our all. This letter is to my generation and any who read this and agree, we need to give our all for our families, for our friends close and remote, for our beautiful country… Our home. Politics and divisiveness have set us against each other. Please remember that we are all Americans, we all fear each other and revere each other. God bless our country, our home, our us. God bless us every last one.

LOVE, above all else




For the past couple of Sundays while in quiet prayer at church, the voice of Jesus has been reminding me of this most important command. It is a simple command. It is always within our power. It needs no translation. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to do. It can be something you want to resist- The human in us loves to resist this command when we are hurt, or mad, or tired or selfish. Perhaps it is that you do not have the time, you do not have the money, you do not have the patience, or you do not have the desire to do it.  We all have that person who drives us crazy and gets under our skin. They were rude, they hurt someone you love, they gossiped, they lied. I have actually had internal dialogue with myself over someone like this and wanted to shout “NO” to loving that person! But I didn’t say no, and while I still don’t love them with my heart, I love them with my mindfulness, my actions and with intention to serve my God. And you know what? It works. It is not perfect by any means, but thankfully, He is not expecting perfect. We fail, we get up and try again, that is what He expects. Allow this command to work in your life and bless you especially as we celebrate Easter, spring, new beginnings and new life. As a busy wife and mom, my times for quiet reflection are scarce, but I do find that throughout my daily activities I can cling to a simple thought and end up living out my reflections. As I am running around my daily life in the passenger seat, I am repeating this verse, “Above all things, love one another”. There is a lot going on in the news, in school, in church where at times it feels like we are asked to take a side. This is not what loving one another means. There are no sides in loving one another. When you strip down any circumstance in your  life to the basic question of, “am I fulfilling Jesus’ command to love one another by the way I behave in this situation?“, it actually becomes the easiest path to follow. We are not asked to judge, we are not asked to make others’ life choices, we are not even asked to agree with everyone. Jesus asked us to love one another in ALL things–That’s it. I am thankful to have this verse to fall back on, when so much of the world is in disarray and disagreement, all I have to do is one thing… love a little bit everyday.